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Mitch Branson

San Francisco California, United States (2008 - present) Discovered by COLT Studios talent scout Manfred Speer, Mitch Branson has been featured in the top amateur adult oriented online website RANDY BLUE in such titles as "THE COACH" (2006), then later became a COLT Man Exclusive which helped to put Branson on the map as one of the most recognizable adult entertainers of the new millennium. Since beginning his career in the adult industry, Mitch Branson has been featured in several popular titles, including: • The Coach (2006, RandyBlue) • Tough (2007, COLT) • Hawai'i (2007, COLT) • Massive (2007, COLT) • Inside Out (2008, COLT) • Muscle Heads (2009, COLT) • Hot Bods (2009, COLT) • Ripped : No Pain, All gain (2010, COLT) In 2010 Mitch Branson created his own brand as a music impresario in publishing and producing. This has lead to his incorporating his name and brand into a multi-media and merchandising venture. While Branson's current projects have been inspired by the persona he helped to foster in the adult industry, he began forming his distinct musical identity years ago. Groove Compass was released in 2008 by COLT Studios and featured "class projects," a CD containing some of Branson's earliest works. After debuting in the fall of 2009, Darkness of Pleasure was recently re-released as a 10 track album, rearranged and re-marketed for a broader audience. As an independent artist Branson is among an emerging group of creative voices in the Gay and Lesbian community pushing the music industry into a new direction. The 10 track re-booted edition released in December 2009 featured these 10 final tracks and re-introduced Branson to the market. The track list for the new edition of Darkness of Pleasure reads: 1. Intoxicating Sonar 2. Control Me (feat. Jonathan Luke & Kestral) 3. Druid Enchantment 4. Roller Coasters of the Haunted House 5. Electric Orgasm (feat. Jonathan Luke & Aimee) 6. C U In Hell 7. Souls of the Unsaved (feat. Kestral) 8. Fantasies of a Mistress (feat. Kestral) 9. Asphalt Forrest 10. Secrets of the House Although not containing new tracks for this re-release, Branson did reengineer the music, added new instruments, and ramped up the rock feel of some of his ambient/techno compositions. Mitch Branson is a San Francisco, California native and grew up in the Bay Area, the oldest of two children of Italian and Irish/French heritage.